Forrest College is located at 601 E. River Street in Anderson, SC, just minutes away from the downtown area. The institution offers an associate degree program with nine areas of specialization, as well as a number of diploma programs. The College is different from traditional colleges in a number of ways. Our classes are small. Consequently, our students receive more individualized instruction and attention. Age is not relevant at FC, with students ranging from the teens (right out of high school) through the seventies. Many of our students are married and have families; others are single and/or single parents. Most have obligations and/or jobs in addition to attending classes. These students from all walks of life share the desire to increase their opportunities for a better life through education. Whether our students intend to go on to a four-year institution, plan to use their new skills to advance in their work place, or want to begin new careers, they find the friendly College staff and faculty to be supportive of their goals.


Mission Statement

The mission of Forrest College is to provide an environment that inspires students to more fully develop the confidence to reach their personal and professional goals. The college strives to attain its mission by providing appropriate educational experiences that stress personal and academic goal attainment and emphasize the importance of learning as a life-long process through both individual and group work.Forrest College can help you realize your personal and career objectives.  Our small class sizes allow us to give each student individualized and personalized attention. We’re friendly.  We thrive on diversity, independent thinking, and the sharing of ideas and opinions. Our students range in age from their teens (right out of high school) through their seventies. Some are married, some are single, and some are single parents.  Because many of our students work full-time jobs while attending school, we offer day and evening classes to accommodate most schedules.   We also provide free childcare service while you attend classes.


Betty Campbell: “A Nurse For Life”

Charmaine Smith-Miles, a reporter for The Anderson Independent newspaper, recently wrote an article on one of Forrest College’s own instructors, Ms. Betty Campbell. Betty started taking nursing classes at the age of 17 at Spartanburg General Hospital’s School of Nursing. In the article, she says that, “I just always knew I wanted to be a nurse.” She has work experiences at Woodruff Hospital, Cannon Memorial Hospital in Pickens, Blue Ridge Nursing Home in Easley, and eventually, in Anderson at National HealthCare Corp. In the late 80’s, Betty retired but she didn’t stay retired for long. She went back to work at a local nursing home, and then joined Forrest College. She currently serves as the program coordinator for the Nursing Assistant Program and has been with the College for 15 years. Betty says, “I don’t know of too much I don’t like about nursing. You can go home and feel like you’ve done some good in the world. This is a profession where you get to help take care of people.”

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Featured Students

"I am currently in the last quarter of classes to earn my Associate in Science Degree in Medical Assisting. While doing my externship at Anderson Family Care, I was offered a medical assisting job, which will start next month. Forrest College really helped to prepare me for the type of work that I will be doing out on the job. I received the education and training to do various procedures, such as administering an EKG or taking vitals, in my classes at FC, so that I would be prepared to get a job in the medical assisting field. I am applying what I have learned in my classes while doing my externship, and thankfully, my education and externship performance led to a full-time job. Upon completion of my externship, I plan to take my certification exam to become a Certified Medical Assistant(CMA). I feel very blessed that I was able to get a full-time position in Dr. Dbouk's office and can't wait to start my professional career as a medical assistant! Thank you Forrest College!"

-Marcie Cain

Featured Students

“I am currently taking an ethics class that is taught by Mr. Rivers. When the subject of ethics comes to mind, you may only think of morality. I had not presumed the depth or the importance of the subject, until I realized that ethics covers human nature, good versus bad, and right versus wrong. Mr. Rivers explains to us how, as humans, we tend to make exceptions to the existing rules. Also, he encourages us to carefully consider situations from both sides of an issue and break down any decisions we make into a set of rules that we can use to logically alter our decisions for the best outcome. I find that Mr. Rivers’ approach to teaching this class is exceptionally interesting. We have class discussions on issues such as death and dying, abortion, lying, stealing, and other moral dilemmas. Mr. Rivers welcomes input from his students and has a way of tastefully breaking down the facts on these very serious topics. When asked what he wants to accomplish in his ethics class, Mr. Rivers stated that he “hopes to bring to life some of the experiences of the real world into the classroom and sincerely hopes to give us some aspect of life.” I highly recommend this ethics class to anyone who has yet to take it.”

-Chanean Lee (AASB)



Teaching Opportunities (Adjunct Faculty)

MS Degree or
BS Degree with Secondary Certification in English

MS Degree or
BS Degree with Secondary Certification in Math

Bachelor degree and working knowledge of MS Office 2010/2013 or Associate Degree and MOS Certification.

Contact Linda Reeves, Academic Dean,
Forrest College, 864-225-7653
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Student Work Study
Student Work Study Jobs available for any student attending Forrest College.
Please see Debra Evett or email her at debraevett@forrestcollege.edufor more information.

Note: All resumes must be emailed.  Interviews will be scheduled at a later date.

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