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Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Your perseverance and hard earned degree accomplishment is recognized by all of us at Forrest College. We’re very proud of you.

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Forrest College is located at 601 E. River Street in Anderson, SC, just minutes away from the downtown area. The institution offers an associate degree program with nine areas of specialization, as well as a number of diploma programs. The College is different from traditional colleges in a number of ways. Our classes are small. Consequently, our students receive more individualized instruction and attention. Age is not relevant at FC, with students ranging from the teens (right out of high school) through the seventies. Many of our students are married and have families; others are single and/or single parents. Most have obligations and/or jobs in addition to attending classes. These students from all walks of life share the desire to increase their opportunities for a better life through education. Whether our students intend to go on to a four-year institution, plan to use their new skills to advance in their work place, or want to begin new careers, they find the friendly College staff and faculty to be supportive of their goals.


The mission of Forrest College is to provide an environment that inspires students to more fully develop the confidence to reach their personal and professional goals. The College strives to attain its mission by providing appropriate educational experiences that stress personal and academic goal attainment and emphasize the importance of learning as a life-long process through both individual and group work.  The educational purpose of Forrest College is to provide initial training, re-training, and updating skills through its two-year educational programs culminating in an associate degree. Students are primarily prepared for careers in business, information technology, allied health occupations, and criminal justice.


Forrest College is now accepting applications for these high-demand programs in the Medical Field.

Phlebotomy Diploma

Nurse Assisting Certificate

If you would like to apply, click here:


Excellent work, Jessica!!

One of our students, Jessica Davis, is an intern at the Anderson County Library, and has published a video on Facebook for the Library's Meet A Book program as a project for her internship. Congratulations, Jessica! We are proud of you!

You can view the video here.

Outstanding job, Leaman!!

Forrest College would like to congratulate Leaman McCarley for her mastery of Microsoft's Networking Fundamentals. On 3-15-2017, Leaman passed her MTA and her skills have been validated by one of our nation’s software leaders.


Forrest College would like to congratulate Jennifer Gilbert on her mastery of Intuit’s QuickBooks Certified User Certification. On 3-2-2017, Jennifer’s knowledge and abilities were put to test and she passed. Her skills have been validated in one of our nation’s most prevalent bookkeeping applications.

Featured Graduate

Forrest College is the best decision I've ever made. - By Yalonda Vann - (Criminal Justice Major)

Forrest College is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Attending Forrest College is the best decision that I've made. For me, this is more than just going back to school, it’s a life changing experience. I am the first to go to college in my entire Family. Yes, my family and friends are proud of me, but they can never be more proud of me than I am of myself. I’ve inspired others in my family and young children to further their education. They look up to me now as someone they want to grow to be like, instead of who I was becoming a year ago. It feels great to be looked at like a role model than just an average young mother who is making nothing of life. It feels great to know that one day I will have something, and a career that my three children will be proud of.

Why did I choose Forrest College?

I’ve been wanting to go back to school for the longest time before I discovered Forrest College. I just didn’t know how to go about it, or what exactly to do to get enrolled. But I just recently moved around the corner from Forrest College, so I decided just to step in and ask questions when I had the chance. I feel like this college is the right college for me because; First of all it’s a small school. I like that because there is extra attention when needed. Also, for shy people such as myself, it makes me comfortable enough to express my thoughts in a class without feeling intimidated by a large amount of students. Due to the small numbered classes it makes opportunities to build a relationship with your fellow classmates and teachers. I honestly feel like I’m a part of a family outside of home. As a child I grew up separate from my family. I had no father figure, no cousins, no grandparents, aunties or uncles. All I had was my mother and one out of three of my brothers, so I never really knew what it’s like to be a part of a family. Being a Forrest college student kind of gives me a taste of what it feels like to have a family. The teachers here are amazing. They’re very friendly and easy to bond with. The students here are very open minded, and are willing to work with you to pass, just like a team, so that no one is left behind. They’re like brothers and sisters to me.

Another thing that I like about Forrest College is how it works around my schedule. I’m allowed to attend evening classes because my day schedule is very busy. They also understand that we students have a life outside of school so if there is any reason why I can’t make it to class, I won’t have to sweat it because the teacher generously posts all assignments to my email address so that I’m never behind. They also have a child care center that is always willing to keep your children for free while you attend class so that finding a babysitter will never hinder you from your education.

Yes, it is hard to be a mother of three young children, go to school, try to find a job, and deal with the stress of the outside world. But even though my kids make attending class, and completing my assignments the hardest part, at the end of the day I let their three little smiling faces be my motivation. Even though I’m doing this for myself, I know that in the future my children will benefit from it and be proud to call me mom.

What do I want to get out of this program?

I plan on graduating in 2017 with an associate’s degree in criminal justice. My reason for choosing this course of study is to accomplish my dream of being a homicide detective, and I know that by the time I graduate I’ll be starting my journey with a career in criminal justice because Forrest College also helps you find a career, based on your course of study. My course instructor’s name is Jessie Harris. He is a very smart and funny. I can honestly say that he is the one known for making anyone smile even in their darkest hours. I guarantee he is one of those teachers you will never get angry at because he is so happy and fun loving at all times, and open minded. I very much enjoy the time I spend at Forrest College.

Featured Graduate

Jamie Bowen, AS/Medical Assisting - (ASMA)

I started out my career in life as a cashier. I loved working with people. In 2011, I was robbed at gunpoint over cigarettes. It changed my life for the better. I realized this is not what I wanted for my future. In March 2012, I came to Forrest College to get help with my GED. I passed my GED exam, and within a month, I was enrolled in the Medical Assistant program. I fell in love with Forrest College, and I felt as if I could accomplish anything. I even brought home the first place championship for Forrest College in “The Bowl of Knowledge” at the Medical Assisting Conference in March 2014. Thanks to this wonderful school, and how I fell in love with the atmosphere, I have decided to continue my education and joined the Criminal Justice program as well. People often ask me why I have chosen such a small school. My answer is simply this: Not only am I gaining an education, I have also gained friends that are like family, and I have the full support of the faculty and staff. It is a small school, but with it comes a BIG future!.

Webmaster Update: I am currently continuing my education with Forrest College's Criminal Justice Program as I work in Admissions to help other people see this wonderful small school that makes very big differences in our lives.

Featured Graduate

Sierra Hayes, Medical Assisting Graduate

My decision to attend Forrest College to attain an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! A lot of schools claim to be like family, with small class sizes, but at Forrest College, that’s really what you get. I have learned so much since starting here and have met so many people that have become amazingly close friends of mine, all as eager to learn as I am and with busy lives, aside from school, just like me. The small class sizes allow the instructors to ensure that each and every student understands what’s being taught before moving on to further material. It’s an amazing experience here at Forrest College, unlike anything I ever expected. The director over the Medical Assistant program really cares that you get the most out of your schooling by including skills that are not mandatory, such as suturing. At Forrest College, they even offer free sitter service on campus for children of students and the Childcare director is amazing with the children. The faculty, staff, and students have really become family to me and I couldn’t imagine my college experience without their amazing help.


Instructors needed in these subjects

Computer Science
Master's Degree preferred.
Must have a minimum of 18 graduate hours specific to the subject area.
RN’s, CMA’s and higher are also needed PRN for medical classes

Contact Joe Chester, Academic Services Coordinator,
Forrest College, 864-225-7653
Email resume to joechester@forrestcollege.edu

Student Work Study
Student Work Study Jobs available for any student attending Forrest College.
Please see Debra Evett or email her at debraevett@forrestcollege.edufor more information.

Note: All resumes must be emailed.  Interviews will be scheduled at a later date.