Why Should I get an Associate Degree?

What are the benefits of having an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting rather than just a diploma? There are two major benefits, aside from an expectation of a higher salary.

First of all, those who hold college degrees are more likely to be hired than those who have only a diploma or a certificate. Graduating from a degree program shows prospective employers that you have the ability to make a long term commitment and follow through on it.

Second, obtaining a college degree places one in a better position for advancement in the workplace. Associate degree programs offer the opportunity to learn more than just the core skill set offered in a diploma or certificate program.

If you are a current student or a recent diploma program graduate, you may be closer than you think to earning your degree. If you are a Phlebotomy student and are interested in adding medical assisting to your studies, you are eligible to transfer every credit hour in your program into the AAS/MA program without losing any earned credits. If you are already enrolled in the AAS/MA program and are interested in adding the Phlebotomy program to your training, you may be eligible to do so without any additional time in school. If earning an AAS/MA or adding Phlebotomy training appeals to you our if you would like to ask specific questions, please contact Susan Whitfield at extension 310 for more information and/or an appointment.

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