Associate In Applied Science Degree In Business Administration

The core of business courses within the Business Administration Program provides a study of the structure, function, and procedures of standard business practice. This degree program prepares the student for an entry-level position that may lead to a supervisory position, office or departmental management, or perhaps to management of one’s own business enterprise. After having satisfactorily completed academic and other requirements, the student is awarded the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration. 

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Area 1: The Core Component

Quarter Hours

ACC100 Principles of Accounting I 3.0
ACC101 Accounting Lab: Computer Applications I 1.5
BUS105 Introduction to Business 4.5
CIS100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3.0
CIS125 Internet Basics 1.5
ENG120 English Composition I 4.5
SCI120 Principles of College Mathematics 4.5
Component Total



Area 2: Major Component

*BUS130 Principles of Management 4.5
*BUS135 Principles of Marketing 4.5
*BUS150 Human Resources Management 4.5
*BUS250 Strategic Management 4.5
*LEG200 Business Law, or approved elective 4.5
*SOC110 Ethics 4.5
*SOC245 Economics I :Microeconomics, or approved elective 4.5

Component Total



Area 3: General Education Component

*ENG125 Professional Communications 4.5
*ENG200 English Composition II 4.5
SCI210 Introduction to Research and Statistics 4.5
SOC125 Principles of Psychology 4.5
SOC140 Consumer Behavior, or approved ENG, SCI, or SOC elective 4.5

Component Total



Area 4: Elective Component

Choose Business Administration Emphasis Area or electives chosen in consultation with an academic advisor.


Minimum Total Quarter Hours Required for Graduation 



This course is a major program area course. A grade of “C” of better is required in order to satisfy graduation.