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I am a Registered Nurse, with 20+ years’ experience. I graduated from North Olmsted High School, Ohio, and have a love for nursing. I attended and graduated from Lander University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and continued my education, graduating from Concordia University with a Master’s in Education. I am a certified Registered Nurse, have a teaching certification, am a Certified Nurse Assisting Instructor, BLS, and Professional Rescuer Instructor. I teach courses in the FC Allied Health Program, as well as the Nurse Assisting Program. I have a passion for nursing, teaching and teaching others and am excited for the opportunity to teach at Forrest College and help others in a fulfilling career in the medical field.


Nursing Assistant Program

This program prepares a student to become a member of the nursing team whose primary responsibility is to provide comfort to the patient. Nurse aides are unlicensed nursing personnel who perform nursing tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Tasks that licensed nursing personnel may delegate to unlicensed nursing personnel are restricted by law. Forrest College offers an extensive, six-month certificate program as well as a continuing education program (CEU) in Nurse Assisting.

The six-month certificate program is a “for-credit” program available to the student who meets College admissions requirements. Courses satisfactorily completed within this program may be transferred toward more advanced study in the Allied Health programs offered by the College leading to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting. Further information on this program is available in the College Catalog.

The six week CEU program is intended to provide the student with the necessary training for fast-track entry into the nurse assisting profession. It includes 100 hours of both classroom and practical training which covers subjects such as emergency procedures, personal care, mental health, infection control, resident rights and independence, and efficient communication skills with patients who have disabilities. Once the student satisfactorily completes the 60-hours of classroom instruction, she/he begins a 40-hour internship* at a nursing facility for the purpose of practical application of the training learned in the classroom. Once the student successfully passes the tests and demonstrates the required competencies, she/he can proceed with the state certification examination.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in this program, please call us at 864-225-7653 or contact Janie.

*Prior to beginning the Internship, students must have completed a physical examination indicating good physical health. Students are required to document up-to-date immunization, including Tuberculosis (TB) and Hepatitis B (HBV).

Program Approval:

The SC Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) has evaluated and approved the Nurse Assisting training program of the College as an official sponsor of candidates for the nurse aide certification examination. Graduates of the Forrest College programs in Nurse Assisting are eligible to sit for the exam which leads to certification as a nurse aide. Once certified, an individual may list CNA as a certification credential. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are listed on the SC Nurse Aide Registry (SCNAR), and are eligible to provide direct care to residents of SC Medicaid certified nursing facilities.

Regarding Certification:

Although it is not necessary that you be certified to be eligible for and find employment as a Nurse Aide, many health facilities will require you to pursue certification. Additionally, the chances of your earning more money and being promoted are likely greater if you are certified.

The nurse assisting exam is composed of two parts, one written and the other clinical. The written part is based on common sense theoretical practices you learn during your classroom instruction. You will be asked about what you have learned and how you are going to tackle basic patient care situations. In the clinical exam you must physically demonstrate different commonly used skills and tasks. Usually there will be a “patient” at the exam for you to demonstrate your skills in a real-life medical setting. This exam will be conducted with a test examiner looking over you, as you interact with the patient, to determine whether or not you have the capability to cope with the responsibilities of a nursing assistant.

Before you take the exam you will be asked to complete an application form, submit a photo ID and 2×2 photos, and provide copies of your birth certificate, and social security card. The results of the exam will be sent to you approximately 10 days from the date of the exam.

Required Disclosures:

The SC Commission on Higher Education requires all institutions offering a program in Nurse Assisting to disclose the following additional information to students who are considering enrollment in this program:

1. Completion of this training program does not guarantee a passing grade on the State nurse aide competency test. State Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) approved schools such as Forrest College must include 100 hours of training in limited and specific nurse aide skills.
2. Programs longer than the minimal 100 hours may include training for nursing skills that health care facilities may not allow the graduates to perform. Employers will not pay graduates for knowledge of job skills that they do not allow nurse aides to perform.
3. Graduates may expect to be employed at entry-level wage. Entry level wages vary with employers; contact potential employers for specifics.
4. Nurse aide programs prepare graduates for employment; credit for this training may not transfer to another institution.

*All nurse aides, nurse aide training students, and nurse aide training instructors must have criminal background checks completed by the SC State Law Enforcement Division.

Program specifics for both the 6 week CEU and the 6 month Nurse Assisting Certificate Program follow.

Nurse Assisting Continuing Education Program Specifics
6 weeks – 2 classes – 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

Admissions Requirements:

1. You must be 18 years of age.
2. Complete an application for admission, and pay a non- refundable application fee of $25.
3. You must successfully pass a criminal background check.
4. You must complete satisfactory financial arrangements.

Nurse Assisting Six Month Academic Certificate Program Specifics:

This program is 22 weeks long and encompasses 7 courses (27 quarter credit hours).

Admissions Requirements:

Applicants must:
• Complete an application for admission and pay a non- refundable application fee of $25
• Provide evidence of, or attest to, graduation from high school or its equivalent (GED) from a U.S. Department of Education approved program. Official proof of graduation will be requested during a student’s first quarter of enrollment.
• Complete preliminary evaluations that may include a personal interview with a program coordinator
• Complete satisfactory financial arrangements

While the basic admission requirement to the College is a high school diploma or the equivalent (approved by the U.S. Department of Education), certain programs of study may have some additional requirements depending upon the area of study in which the applicant is interested.


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Charmaine Smith-Miles, a reporter for The Anderson Independent newspaper, recently wrote an article on one of Forrest College’s own instructors, Ms. Betty Campbell. Betty started taking nursing classes at the age of 17 at Spartanburg General Hospital’s School of Nursing. In the article, she says that, “I just always knew I wanted to be a nurse.” She has work experiences at Woodruff Hospital, Cannon Memorial Hospital in Pickens, Blue Ridge Nursing Home in Easley, and eventually, in Anderson at National HealthCare Corp. In the late 80’s, Betty retired but she didn’t stay retired for long. She went back to work at a local nursing home, and then joined Forrest College. She currently serves as the program coordinator for the Nursing Assistant Program and has been with the College for 15 years. Betty says, “I don’t know of too much I don’t like about nursing. You can go home and feel like you’ve done some good in the world. This is a profession where you get to help take care of people.”

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