Criminal Justice Curriculum

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice

The Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree program provides the student with a foundation in the structure, function, and procedures of the criminal justice system which may lead to a wide variety of employment opportunities in various criminal justice environments, both public and private.  Students enroll in this program to seek initial employment or career advancement opportunities in police, sheriff’s, or other law enforcement offices; jails or prisons as detention, correctional, or probation officers; corporate security; public safety; private investigation; or insurance investigation. The graduate of this program may also wish to consider opening his or her own business in a related field.  Students may choose an emphasis in law enforcement, corrections, or private security.This degree consists of a minimum of 90 quarter credit hours; upon successful completion, graduates will be awarded the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

Area 1: The Core Component

Quarter Hours

CIS100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3.0
CIS125 Internet Basics 1.5
CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 4.5
CRJ110 Criminal Law 4.5
Component Total



Area 2: Major Component

CRJ115 Criminology 4.5
CRJ120 Constitutional Law 4.5
CRJ130 Police Administration 4.5
CRJ230 Criminal Evidence 4.5
CRJ235 Correctional Systems 4.5
CRJ240 Probation, Pardon, and Parole 4.5
PHI110 Ethics 4.5
SOC220 American Government

Component Total



Area 3: General Education Component

ENG120 English Composition I 4.5
ENG125 Professional Communications, or
ENG200 English Composition II 4.5
SCI120 Principles of College Mathematics 4.5
SOC125 Principles of Psychology 4.5


Introduction to Sociology 4.5

Component Total




Area 4: Elective Component

CRJ ELE Criminal Justice electives (3 courses) 13.5
Elective General (selected with the consultation of an advisor) 4.5

Component Total

Minimum Total Quarter Hours Required for Graduation 



*This course is a major program area course. A grade of “C” of better is required in order to satisfy graduation.