U.S. residents: $245 per credit hour.
Non-residents: $275 per credit hour.

Students are responsible for the purchase of all textbooks, supplies, and required course materials. Some texts/instructional materials are used for more than one class. Students are responsible for fees involving the purchase of required uniforms and accessories, fees for required health examinations or certifications, graduation, and any and all other fees that may apply.

The following non-refundable fees are in affect:

Administrative Fee for Payment Plan, per month $10
Application Fee (Resident) $50
Application Fee (International) $250
Application Fee (Continuing Education Programs) $25
Catalog (replacement) $20
Certification Fee fee varies by certification
Nursing Assistants $125
Medical Assistants $125
Patient Care Technician $95
Phlebotomy $80
Microsoft Office Specialist $100
Change of Program Fee $150
College ID Replacement Fee $25
Credit-by-Evaluation or Experience, per exam $100
Criminal Background Check $35
Diploma or Certification Replacement Fee $100
Graduation Fee (applies to each program of study for which a student wishes to receive a diploma) fee varies by degree and diploma
Associate Degree Program $120
Diploma or Certificate programs $50
Hepatitis B Panel (3 shots-nonrefundable fee) $147
Hepatitis B Panel Review (Titer) $48
*Interruption of Program or Withdrawal $250
Late Fee – Bookstore Day/Registration $50
Late Payment (per late payment) $15
Physical Examination Fee fee varies by requirements of your program
Continuing Education $50
All Medical Programs $145
Returned Check Fee $35
Student File Copy Fee (per page) $2
Student ID Replacement Fee $25
TB Test (PPD) $15
Transcript Fee (per transcript, official or unofficial) $8
Scrubs Purchase Fee $38
Uniform Patch (All Medical Programs) $6

* Special Notice to Veterans concerning the “Interruption of Program or Withdrawal” fee: Any service member or veteran that is called to active duty and deployed will not be charged an “Interruption of Program or Withdrawal” fee. Any veteran who returns from active duty deployment will not be charged a re-entry/application fee provided that he/she returns to the College within six months of said return.

If a student or the College cancels the application for admission, the full amount of an prepaid tuition will be refunded.

College Refund Policy: If a student discontinues during a term of enrollment the following College Refund policy applies:

  1. Withdrawal prior to the first calendar day of the term, 100% of tuition will be refunded.
  2. Withdrawal through the first 25% of the term, 75% of tuition will be refunded less unpaid charges owed for the term.
  3. Withdrawal after 25% of the term, there is no tuition refund.

Federal Title IV Refund Policy:
If a student discontinues during a term of enrollment or payment period the College will refund according to the Department of Education guidelines.

  1. The College will determine the number of calendar days completed by the student in the payment period. The College will then divide by the total calendar days in the payment period to obtain the percentage of attendance. The percentage of attendance is multiplied by the total Title IV aid for the pay period to reach the amount of Title IV aid that the student will be eligible to receive. All other Title IV monies will be refunded.
  2. If a student attends more than 60%, there is no refund due to the Department of Education unless the student has a credit balance less unpaid charges owed for the term or payment period.


For the purpose of computing the amount of refund due, if any, for any student who discontinues attendance for any reason after enrollment and commencement of classes, the date of the student’s last day of attendance (LDA) at the College will be used in the computation of the student’s refund. Any student who withdraws or is withdrawn form the College will be charged a non-refundable $200 Interruption of Program or Withdrawal fee.

Tuition paid beyond the term of withdrawal will be fully refunded. All refunds are paid within 30 days of the official termination date, regardless of whether the student request it.

If, for any reason, a student has a credit balance on their account at the time of withdrawal or graduation, it will be refunded in accordance with regulations governing the respective loan programs and according to the following priorities:

  1. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
  2. Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan
  3. Federal Perkins Student Loan (PSL)
  4. Federal PLUS Loan
  5. Federal PELL Grant
  6. Federal SEOG
  7. Other Title IV Programs
  8. Non-Title Programs
  9. Student


Students may hold a credit balance on their account if they have been pre-registered for another session, or have indicated in writing to hold funds on their accounts because they intend to resume their schooling at a future date.

Students who do not return as indicated will have their credit balances refunded according to the previously listed priorities.

Returning students will not be allowed to register until all prior account balances are paid in full or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made, A student whose account status is delinquent will be subject to being withdrawn form the College and will not be allowed to participate in commencement exercises, nor will a diploma, transcripts, and/or grades be issued or released until the delinquency has been completely satisfied.